Month: September 2021

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How to Train a Sales Team About Product Knowledge

By CommenceCRM / September 17, 2021

91% of Baby Boomers and around 79% of Generation Z believe that informed store staff makes in-store buying more appealing. In any sector, from retail to real estate to SaaS, knowledge is a strength. Representatives’ marketing efforts can only expand as far as their insight and know-how allow, and product knowledge is the foundation.    So how to train sales…

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10 Key Client Retention Metrics and Their Calculations

By CommenceCRM / September 13, 2021

Client retention is crucial, especially for B2B businesses. However, developing a solid customer retention tactic is not a top priority for marketers; and consumer success groups are nearly impossible to be compensated for effectively upselling in the relatively similar way that a salesman is rewarded for closing a new business.    According to studies, growing businesses emphasize customer success more…

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CRM Solution to the Challenge of Customer Retention

By CommenceCRM / September 9, 2021

Most people would think that signing up new customers would be the biggest challenge for CRM solution providers.  With several hundred vendors in the space the CRM sector is one of the most competitive environments in the computer software industry.   We caught up with Commence Corporation’s CEO Larry Caretsky to get his thoughts about this.  While he agreed that the…

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7 Strategies for Successful Client Relationship Management

By CommenceCRM / September 3, 2021

According to a Stanford University longitudinal study, more than 70% of relationships end during the first year. Anyone who’s ever spent a significant amount of time in the dating world is probably not amazed by these stats, but what stands out from the research is how fast those breakup rates diminish over time.   Forward to five years in a…

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