By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM brings focus to Account Management

The latest release of CommenceCRM includes key enhancements to the Accounts application. Users will see improvements in form performance giving you quicker access to a broad view of your activities tracked in each Account profile, as well as more ways to organize your data within the Account detail.   This update includes:

  • Parent Company Relationships between Accounts
  • Enhanced Customization for the Account Detail Form
  • Improved Performance for the Account Detail Form
  • Interactive Analytics in the Support Application
  • Improvements to Marketing Campaigns and Mail Merge Performance

Parent Company Relationships

The Parent Company lookup in Leads and Accounts lets you link subsidiary companies and divisions with their Parent Organization.  It’s perfect for tracking nationwide and international accounts that have multiple offices. You can keep separate accounts and history for each location. Then within the Parent account you can get the full organization view of all the related divisions in a clickable chart view that lets you drill into each account.

Selecting a Parent Account

Selecting a Parent Account

Parent Company Divisions

View of subsidiaries and divisions

Enhanced Custom Forms for Accounts

Custom fields allow you to capture unique information about the customer. You can organize your fields by creating custom sections within the Account detail form. The image below illustrates a few examples of the things you can  do:  create new sections in your Account form to track a group of related fields; move your custom fields into any section of the form; and even rename the built-in sections if needed.

Account Form Sections and More

Custom Field sections and More…

Improved Performance

Accounts are the core of any customer relationship management system. As you build a relationship with each account, this creates a rich history of information about each customer. In addition to the core Contacts, Notes, and Activities you may also tracking Emails, Marketing, Customer Support and Project Management.  Viewing an account detail needs to present a large amount of data very quickly.  To improve efficiency, the Account detail first presents the core data such as accounts, contacts, activities,  notes and sales opportunities. Clicking “more” on the left side menu will expand the form and show additional data such as: phone numbers  and other contact methods, secondary addresses, documents,  and your recent e-mail history.

Viewing More Related Information in Account Detail

Click More to view additional information

Interactive Charts for Support

The Support application provides a graphical analysis of service tickets segmented by the ticket status, who the ticket is assigned to and its priority.  Clicking on a segment of the pie charts now drills down and opens a view of the specific tickets in that segment.

Interactive Support Analytics

Click the Pie Charts for more information

Marketing Campaign Improvements

You can create targeted mailers in Commence CRM to a specific segment of your contacts. When setting up your marketing campaign you can choose recipients in a list, from a saved search, or choose a specific account and contact. The preview screen now shows the name of the first recipient in your list, a total count of the contacts in the group, and an ellipse (…) to view each email address for the contacts in the selected group. Opt-out contacts and blank email addresses are automatically removed from the preview.

Verify the recipients of a marketing campaign

Preview to confirm your list of recipients

For more information about these features, please contact us via We will be happy to show you how to take advantage of these enhancements in your CRM.