Month: April 2020

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Best Strategies For Improving Sales Rep Performance

By CommenceCRM / April 30, 2020

Your business is made by your product, team, and service, but without a high-functioning sales team, you will find yourselves without a single customer or client to enjoy what you offer. Getting the most out of your sales rep performance is crucial towards the success of your business, which is why it is important to make sure your sales team…

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How to Persuade Your Team to Adopt New Technologies Like CRM

By CommenceCRM / April 9, 2020

Modern technologies help businesses streamline everyday operations, but not all employees are receptive to change. If even one employee is unable to use the new platform or software, your business operations won’t be as streamlined and efficient. So, how do you convince your team to adopt new technology? Conducting training sessions, highlighting bottlenecks, and providing incentives are all great ways…

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How to Improve and Optimize Customer Lifecycle Stages

By CommenceCRM / April 1, 2020

The beauty of the customer lifecycle is that each stage can be optimized. The effects of one thoughtful change can reverberate through the journey and enhance the entire customer experience. So, how do you improve the customer lifecycle? Tracking KPIs, reevaluating your stages, and delivering tailored messages are three great ways to keep the buyer journey fresh and relevant. In…

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