Month: February 2020

hand holding a ticket that says we love customers

5 Key Aspects of Earning a Customer’s Loyalty

By CommenceCRM / February 25, 2020

At one point during your sales meeting, someone has probably mentioned the 80/20 rule wherein 80% of your profit comes from loyal customers and 20% comes from new customers. The numbers may not be completely accurate but there is some truth to this old marketing adage. Loyal consumers will always end up being a more profitable market. Compared to new…

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10 best performing crm solution providers 2020

Commence Awarded Top 10 Best Performing CRM Solutions 2020

By CommenceCRM / February 6, 2020

Commence Corporation a leading provider of CRM software solutions based in the United States has been awarded as a 2020 Top 10 Best Performing CRM solution.  Anna Foster interviewed Commence CEO Larry Caretsky about the company’s journey in the CRM sector, how he has diversified the company’s offering, the contribution Commence Corporation has delivered to the CRM sector and the…

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Social media background

What Is Social CRM and Should You Invest In It?

By CommenceCRM / February 3, 2020

With evolving expectations from your customers, keeping up with their demands is necessary if you want your company to stay competitive. Thankfully, there is a tool that makes this complex task more manageable. So, what is social CRM and why is it important? This tool has its roots in social media management, upgraded with traditional CRM functions like data collection,…

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