Month: January 2020

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What Metrics Are Used to Measure Customer Acquisition and Retention?

By CommenceCRM / January 21, 2020

Looking at deals won VS closed might give you an idea if your sales strategy is successful or not, but it won’t help you understand if you have a profitable business. After all, a couple of closes won’t guarantee the future and growth of your company. Measuring this metric alone won’t reveal how successful your lead strategies are. It’s difficult…

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The Role of Behavioral Marketing In CRM System

By CommenceCRM / January 14, 2020

Behavioral marketing and a CRM system may feel like two entirely different concepts, but in reality they’re more like two sides of the same coin. Behavioral marketing is a technique describing targeted advertising, while a customer relationship management (CRM) platform acts as a tool for complex, personalized strategies. Does this mean you can perform behavioral marketing with CRM? Ultimately, CRMs…

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How to Use Spin Selling to Close More Online Sales

By CommenceCRM / January 8, 2020

Anyone who’s had an introduction to sales has probably heard the term SPIN selling. It’s one of the oldest sales frameworks, and therefore also one of the most tried and tested. This method was considered revolutionary in its time of publication, but is it still relevant in today’s digital marketplace? How exactly can spin selling help with online sales? Ultimately,…

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