Month: November 2019

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What Is the Difference Between a Sales Pipeline and a Sales Funnel?

By CommenceCRM / November 21, 2019

The sales funnel and sales pipeline are two of the most commonly used words in the sales world, often interchangeably. You might have wondered what makes the other two different, or if they’re any different at all. So, how is a sales pipeline different from a sales funnel? Two words: performance and activity. While similar in structure and concept, the…

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Endurance Comes With Training

Any Legs Left in CRM Software?

By CommenceCRM / November 20, 2019

By Larry Caretsky It’s been well over a decade since the term Customer Relationship Management software started to appear in industry journals.  Positioned as the software that would significantly impact the performance of your business, companies raced to learn more with many jumping on board without really knowing what the software would actually do for their business or what level…

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How to Keep Track of Sales Leads: Best Practices

By CommenceCRM / November 16, 2019

Sales tracking can be a menial and confusing process, but when done right, you will be rewarded with better techniques and improved insights on your process. There are different ways to keep track of potential buyers, and choosing the method that works best for your organization depends on your individual needs. So, how do you keep track of sales leads?…

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Why Digital Marketing Agencies Need To Implement a CRM System

By CommenceCRM / November 5, 2019

It seems like there’s a brand new marketing tool being released every year. With so many options out on the market, how do you know what’s right for your company? Digital marketing agencies can use anywhere from two to ten apps to help them out with tasks. But is it really necessary to have that many softwares and apps? A…

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