Month: October 2019

Sales Marketing on the Mechanism of Golden Cogwheels

CRM Software: A Bridge Between Sales and Marketing

By CommenceCRM / October 25, 2019

Sales and marketing have always been pitted against each other, but modern consumerist behavior is forcing brands to rethink the way these departments operate. When it comes to modern consumers, marketing and sales become equally important variables on their purchase decision. So, how do you combine your sales and marketing efforts? The easiest way to do this is to use…

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Small boy in a big CEO chair

Why Good Sales People Often Turn into Mediocre Sales Managers

By Dave Kahle / October 22, 2019

We’ve all done it.  Promoted a good sales person, often our best, to sales manager.  My files are full of cases where the results were below expectations for everyone involved.  Principals and CSOs are often disappointed in the lack of results, and the sales managers are confused and frustrated with the lack of achievement of their teams. A variation on…

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mobile CRM concept image

7 Key Functions of Mobile CRM

By CommenceCRM / October 17, 2019

With more customers using mobiles devices, the pressure on businesses to always be available can seem like an impossible request. Luckily, software like CRMs exist to help businesses stay on top of demands, without being buried under the pressure. But it’s not enough that you have a CRM for your office laptop. Mobile CRMs are here to empower business owners,…

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CRM Customer Relationship Management Business Internet Technology Concept

Digitalize Your Small Business and Save Money by Implementing CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / October 12, 2019

Despite the advent of management software, small business owners are still hesitant to adopt new technologies, mainly because software such as CRM feels like an unnecessary addition to smaller operations. Can small businesses benefit from software like CRM? Definitely. With CRM software, small businesses can get enterprise-level analytics, without having to hire expensive marketing, sales, and analytics team. By automating…

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Close up of businessmen using computer

Why Is Sales Tracking Important

By CommenceCRM / October 10, 2019

Your lead’s movement from introduction to communication to payment is all part of the sales process. Every single progression through the pipeline – whether it’s point A to point C or point A to point Z – is rife with information that can help your business grow. The best way to understand how each point affects your sales process is…

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