Month: October 2018

How can I help a salesperson regain interest in the job?

By Dave Kahle / October 24, 2018

If a sales person has lost interest, this could lead to reduced sales production for the sales person and for the company. When should you intervene?

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Exposure to New Ideas

By Dave Kahle / October 17, 2018

If you are going to continue to grow and develop and come close to achieving the potential you have, you must actively seek out new ideas and new experiences.

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Lower Our Price or Lose the Deal

By CommenceCRM / October 9, 2018

What can you do to win the business and retain your price points when faced with this ultimatum?

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Small Business Struggling to Adopt CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / October 3, 2018

CRM has become critical to the success of many corporations. Despite this, there is a business sector that has struggled with adoption. That’s small businesses.

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