By CommenceCRM

Finally a Comprehensive CRM Solution for Midsize Firms

If you are a large corporation looking for a robust CRM solution, your search will be a quick one as the Enterprise CRM sector is dominated by the three well known corporations listed in the chart above.

If you are a small business looking for the basics to manage your accounts, contacts and a sales forecast there are a myriad of low cost solutions available to you.

Strangely enough for midsize businesses (these are mid-market companies that need more than the basic solutions offer, but not the cost and complexity of an enterprise level system) there is a gap.

Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM, has targeted this mid-market CRM segment with a robust product offering that rivals enterprise level products costing much more. In addition to managing accounts, contacts, activities, leads, sales and reporting, Commence CRM offers a fully integrated Marketing application, a Help Desk Ticketing solution and a Project Management application with an interactive Gantt Chart. Commence CRM’s functionality and price points place it firmly in the mid-market segment for those who need advanced functionality at an affordable cost.

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