By CommenceCRM

Best CRM Solutions of 2018 by Company Size, Mid-Year Roundup

With a myriad of CRM solutions to choose from, this article rounds up our “Top Two” picks for best CRM solutions of 2018 in each category by business size: large business, mid-size and small business. What differentiates these products from others is the following:

  1. Established company track records: Each of these companies has been in business for a decade or more
  2. Customer approval rating: Each has a large customer base and has earned the trust of their customers
  3. Peer recognition: Each has earned accolades from industry analysts for the quality of their products and the array of value added support services they provide

Best CRM Software for Large Business in 2018


Best suited for larger organizations who can deal with the complexity of implementation and customization of the software.

Pros:  Robust functionality and scalability, strong integration to disparate third-party products, offers an array of support services.  Large installed base. Considered a leader in the sector.

Cons:  Somewhat of a dated user interface and viewed as cumbersome and hard to use. Can get as pricey as a BMW with options.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Also suited for larger organizations with robust functionality requirements.

Pros:  Comprehensive functionality and scalable; also nicely integrated with an array of third party applications. Company reputation is strong. Large installed base.

Cons:  Sold through local third-party resellers which is concerning to some customers that want a direct relationship with the solution provider.

Best CRM Software for Mid-Size Business in 2018


A mid-market solution with good functionality, a large customer base and quality customer support.

Pros:  Good functionality and can be implemented on-premises or in the cloud.

Cons:  Customers find the solution a bit hard to use, add-on modules can be expensive and has a minimum of 10 users. Support can get costly.

Commence CRM

A comprehensive offering targeted at small to mid-size businesses. Attractively priced and offers an array of professional services. A trusted company in business for more than two decades.

Pros:  Robust functionality that rivals more expensive solutions, easy to implement and use. Customers give high marks for customer service.

Cons:  Integration with third-party products not as strong as others.

Best CRM Software for Small Business in 2018


A free offering with a number of add-on modules and features. Some limitations, but a good solution for the small office / home office (SOHO) environment.

Pros:  Just the basics, but does a good job supporting small business needs.  Easy to use and has an upgrade path to more functionality.

Cons:  Some limitations; not enough customizability and support services are limited (primarily e-mail only).


Basic low-cost offering for small businesses with a focus on contact management and marketing.

Pros:  Low-cost, easy to use and offers marketing automation. Free version available.

Cons:  Limited functionality and customization, no growth path outside of what the product currently offers.