Month: May 2018

How strong is your sales structure?

Sales managers most common mistakes, #1 of 3

By Dave Kahle / May 31, 2018

A highly focused, strategically-designed sales structure can be one of the company’s greatest assets, as it ultimately shapes the behavior of the sales force.

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Low-cost CRM vendors expect you to enter your credit card over the internet and do not expect a human to interact with you.

Small Businesses Should Not View CRM as a Commodity

By CommenceCRM / May 21, 2018

Most small business executives view CRM software as a commodity product and it is easy to understand why. Today, there are several hundred solution providers that cater to the small business community.  They all offer the same basic functionality for managing accounts and contacts, activities, notes, e-mail and in some cases a sales forecast.  In fact, the market has become…

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The key to success is discipline

Discipline is Key to Successful CRM Installations

By CommenceCRM / May 18, 2018

As a sales executive I can tell in just a few minutes if the company I am talking with is going to be successful with our software.

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Which one is right for you? Fast performance, lean and agile, top security, dependable...

Salesforce Functionality at a Small Business Price

By CommenceCRM / May 15, 2018

Companies looking for a CRM solution for their business immediately think of Then they learn what everyone else has – it’s too expensive and too hard to use and they are right, but perhaps for the wrong reason.  Salesforce is a good product and a good company, but that does not mean their solution is right for every business. …

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Identify the obstacles then work to eliminate them.

It Takes More Than Compensation to Unleash a Sales Force

By Dave Kahle / May 9, 2018

If you don’t instruct the sales people in how to do the thing that you are paying them to do, your results will be considerably less than spectacular.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid when selecting CRM Software

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / May 2, 2018

Here are some quick tips that will help you to avoid the common mistakes so many small to mid-size businesses make when selecting CRM software.

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