Month: February 2018

Raise the bar to reach your goal | Kahle Wisdom

Are You Hindered by Formerly Effective Sales Policies?

By Dave Kahle / February 28, 2018

Your customers expect previously outstanding levels of service and quality from every supplier. What was sufficient a few years ago is still necessary today, but no longer sufficient.

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Salesforce customers.. That moment when you realize you paid a premium for a product that's too hard to use.

Salesforce – Customers Say Too Hard, Too Expensive

By CommenceCRM / February 21, 2018

The good news is that today there are several vendors with robust offerings that are attractively priced and easier to use than Salesforce CRM.

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Don't be fooled by cheap imitations.

Best CRM Alternatives to Salesforce 2018

By CommenceCRM / February 16, 2018

Want a robust set of features that are similar to Salesforce at a lower cost? A few alternatives offer this, while others are simply cheap CRM solutions.

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5 Ways to Earn the Trust and Loyalty of your Customers

5 Unique Approaches to Cementing Customer Trust

By CommenceCRM / February 13, 2018

The modern customer has more choice than ever. Keep their attention focused squarely on your offerings with the following approaches.

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Commence CRM review

CommenceCRM Addressing the Needs of Small/Midsize Businesses

By CommenceCRM / February 9, 2018

CRM Radio interview discusses how Commence CRM has continued to enjoy success in this highly competitive market.

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"That's the 6th time i've said something..." Still convinced everything you say is crystal clear?

Don’t You Understand Me?

By CommenceCRM / February 6, 2018

This is a Sandler Weekly Sales Tip from guest poster Shulman & Associates. The STORY: Nick figured that Heather was just another one of those prospects that had to run through every objection she could think of before making a decision.  For the past 15 minutes, he had been doing nothing else and he was, he admitted to himself, gradually…

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Prospecting how-to: Buy a mule, grow a beard, don't wash and wander around the desert...right?

Define Prospecting – Then Do It!

By CommenceCRM / February 2, 2018

How you define prospecting is up to you, but make sure you define it in specific behaviors to be followed.

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