Month: December 2017

The quickest way to improve a sales team’s productivity is to improve their time management. - Dave Kahle

Is Your Sales System Clogged with Accumulated Gunk?

By Dave Kahle / December 27, 2017

One way to improve the productivity of your sales system is to clean out the gunk, freeing the sales people to spend their time in front of the customers.

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40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management 2017

By CommenceCRM / December 22, 2017

Commence Corporation CEO Nominated as Inspiring Leader in software and web applications for Sales Lead Management.

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No one leaves unless the building is on fire. | Sandler Sales Training

I’ll Just Be Gone for a Minute

By CommenceCRM / December 18, 2017

What is the best way to handle meeting interruptions? Don’t allow them to happen.

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Want new customers? Try a sales blitz. |

Want New Customers? Try a Sales Blitz.

By Dave Kahle / December 15, 2017

A sales blitz has the advantage of focusing the entire sales force on a specific task. That alone will bring you far greater results than if you’d just left it to each salesperson to do on their own.

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Because you have to GET leads before you can MANAGE leads

Have a CRM but Sales Haven’t Improved? We Have the Answer

By CommenceCRM / December 12, 2017

CRM can be a valuable tool, but it’s valueless if you don’t have a platform in place for generating new business opportunities.

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4 Ways to Show Your Customers you Care

Protecting Your Good Accounts from the Competition

By Dave Kahle / December 8, 2017

Four proven strategies that will help you prevent your hard-earned business from disappearing into the hands of price cutting competition.

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CRM Success - Fake News? | Commence CRM Blog

CRM Success – Fake News?

By CommenceCRM / December 6, 2017

Will CRM help you close deals faster, improve close ratios and guarantee customer retention?

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