By CommenceCRM

NJ Software Company Makes Compelling Offer to Small Businesses

Every business large or small needs a quick and efficient way to capture, track, manage, and share vital customer information with the people and departments that need it to do their jobs efficiently. It is the only way to stay competitive, efficiently manage your business, and provide your customers with the buying experience they expect. Thousands of small companies who have been managing their business using and Excel spreadsheet or a contact manager are looking for an efficient and affordable way to automate and improve how they market, sell, and provide service to their customers.

Customer Relationship Management software or CRM has long been touted as the solution to address this growing need and today there are literally hundreds of solutions to choose from. Some offer basic packages for managing customers and contacts; while others are more comprehensive offering business applications that automate sales, marketing, and customer service. The majority of the solutions are cloud based thereby alleviating the requirement to purchase, implement, and manage computer hardware and software and deployment of these systems is rapid. You can select one of these solutions in the morning and be operational the same day. Despite this, CRM has one of the highest failure rates among small to mid-size companies in the software sector. Industry experts claim that as many as 70 percent of CRM installations fail to get properly implemented or properly used. There are several reasons for this beginning with simple human behavior. The implementation of a CRM system requires change and human beings are simply resistant to change. Some will question that management has made the right decision while others will be adamantly opposed to changing how they currently conduct their business. Managing this change requires a “CRM Champion.” This is someone with the experience and authority to communicate: why the change is important to the business; and what is expected from the staff going forward. The challenge is that the majority of small businesses do not have a CRM Champion and with no one to turn to for assistance – failure with implementation and use of the CRM system is on the horizon.

Commence Corporation has taken a hard look at how to address this challenge, and has developed a compelling service-based program that is enabling small to mid-size businesses to reap the benefits of CRM software without the heavy lifting. What Commence is offering is that its staff will assume the role of the CRM Champion during the initial stage of implementation and use, or for as long as the customer would like Commence to take on this responsibility. We are not talking about a simple training program here. Commence personnel will assist the staff with data entry, lead qualification, managing the sales process, creating marketing campaigns and generating reports the reports management needs to run their business.

This is much more than a standard training program. It is a mentoring program designed to ensure the successful implementation and use of the Commence CRM solution. The CRM champion works closely with customers for 90 to 120 days at which point they can assume the responsibility on their own or continue to have Commence personnel stay engaged.

Commence Corporation is uniquely positioned to offer this level of service and support to customers. The company has been in business for more than two decades and has a staff of highly qualified professionals with more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and customer service disciplines. The program has been widely adopted by Commence customers who have one of the highest successful implementation rates and use of the Commence CRM software. To learn more visit