By CommenceCRM

Software & Best Practices for Improved Business Performance

The CRM software sector is highly competitive and while the majority of basic low cost solution providers are struggling to make ends meet, the companies that are providing measurable value and a real return on investment for their customers are doing just fine. One of these companies is New Jersey based Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM.

New Jersey Based Software Company Offers Software & Best Practices for Improved Business Performance

New Jersey based software company offers software & best practices for improved business performance.

What separates Commence CRM from the pack is a combination of rich functionality coupled with the company’s dedication to ensuring that customers are prepared to make a commitment to improving their internal business processes. The onboarding process looks at a customer’s current internal procedures and workflow requirements, and then configures the Commence CRM software to address those requirements. “CRM software by itself provides minimal benefit” says Larry Caretsky, President of Commence Corporation “regardless of what product you choose. In order to realize substantial value from a CRM solution you need the customer’s commitment to outline their business objectives, and their assurance that they will use the software and best practices to improve how they market, sell, and provide service to their customers.”

“Unfortunately, in the small to mid-size business sector the majority of companies that contact Commence about our CRM are simply not prepared for this. They seem to want a CRM solution that is fast, easy and quick and if it requires any real effort to implement or configure for use, they throw that one out of the evaluation process and move on to the next one. This is insanity and impossible to understand, particularity when we are talking about selecting a software solution designed to automate your internal business processes to improve business performance. For some of these companies the management may not believe they have a need for improvement, so selecting a CRM solution is simply a way to get the sales manager off their back. As a result, they make a decision based on either price, month-to-month billing, or the vendor’s commitment to free training and support; and guess how this has worked out. Well I suspect you already know.”

“Our firm is not a volume player,” says Caretsky. “We are not free, don’t sell solutions over the internet via credit card, and don’t offer the use of our solution on a month-to-month basis. We provide a best in class solution coupled with a staff of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and customer service. We provide the advice and counsel that ensure our customers realize the maximum value from our products. If you are looking to use CRM software to streamline your internal business processes, give us a call. Talk with our customers and hear what they say about our product and our company.”