Month: March 2015

Sales Q&A – How much time should you expect from a customer?

By CommenceCRM / March 31, 2015

By Dave Kahle Q. How much time should you expect from a customer for an appointment? A. This is one of those many questions about sales issues for which the answer always begins with “It depends.” It depends, first of all, if this is a prospect (someone who has not purchased) or a regular customer (someone who buys regularly). Generally…

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Sales Best Practice #23 – Makes persuasive presentations

By CommenceCRM / March 25, 2015

A best practice for salespeople by Dave Kahle. Best Practice #23: Routinely makes powerful persuasive presentations. In my first professional sales position, I spent six full weeks in sales training before I was released to go out into my territory. That included memorizing two five-page, single-spaced sales presentations, presenting them to the sales training class, critiquing the video-taped playback of…

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Myths of B2B Sales #1 – Great Relationships

By Dave Kahle / March 16, 2015

The world is full of sales people who claim, quite proudly, to have great relationships with their customers. If that were true, it really would be great. But unfortunately, “great relationships” is too often a veil that sales people hide behind to keep from exposing the weakness in their sales skills. Here’s how it works. An experienced sales person believes…

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Sales Q&A – Anything else?

By CommenceCRM / March 9, 2015

Which sales question is more effective: “Anything else?” vs. “What else can I do?”

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Sales Best Practice #15 – Quantity of Presentations

By CommenceCRM / March 2, 2015

A best practice for sales people from Dave Kahle Best Practice #15: Regularly makes a sufficient quantity of presentations for the products, services and programs that we sell. By Dave Kahle “You’ve got to show it in order to sell it.” That simple advice given to me decades ago by a wise sales manager seems so simple and common sense.…

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