By CommenceCRM

Customer Service Should Define Your Business

Years ago, businesses were simply defined by the quality of their product. Today, increased competition in every industry has leveled the playing field making the customer buying experience and the quality of service they receive the defining factor for your business.

Customer expectations have changed dramatically and quality service means more than answering the telephone and responding to e-mails. Many businesses today are turning their attention to automated tools like CRM software to meet changing customer expectations and get a leg up on their competition. How does CRM software help?

First, your company has to have a mindset that customer service and customer retention are paramount to the business and that addressing the needs of the customer is the number one priority. CRM software tools help automate and streamline the management of customer service by enabling service representatives to capture, manage, and share service tickets and service history throughout the organization. This provides all authorized employees with immediate access to a customer’s service history when they call, allowing your staff to quickly and professionally respond to customer inquiries.

CRM software firms like Commence Corporation are taking customer service to a new level via the use of an internet based customer portal. The customer portal provides customers with access to an online product knowledge base and frequently asked questions area on your website where they can get answers to their questions 24/7 without human intervention.

If they are not able to get the answer they need they can use the portal to submit a service ticket or inquiry. The inquiry is logged into the company’s CRM system and the support staff is alerted, enabling them to respond quickly to your request.

Automated CRM software programs like Commence CRM are paving the way to a new level of customer service designed to meet the expectations of today’s new breed of customer. If you plan to stay ahead of your competition and want to provide excellent service to your customers, you need to consider utilizing CRM software to address this growing customer requirement.