By CommenceCRM

Commence Prepares for Rollout of Customer Service Portal

One of the biggest challenges software manufacturers have to deal with is keeping pace with the rapid advances in technology growth. With main-stream giants like Microsoft and Salesforce.com in the CRM sector, many smaller Customer Relationship Management solution providers simply cannot compete. Yet one company seems to consistently invest in their software and introduce new features and enhancements each year. That company is Commence Corporation. How does Commence do it? Perhaps it’s because the management team at Commence has had a lot of practice.

The company recently celebrated its 25th year in business and announced that it was developing a customer support portal which would be released in July of this year. With just a few weeks to go the company is actively looking for beta sites that are interesting in using the Commence CRM portal to provide better and more efficient online support services to their customers.


The portal will include a knowledge base, frequently asked questions and the ability for customers to enter service tickets directly into the CRM system. Commence CRM already offers a help desk application for ticket management. The portal extends this capability enabling Commence CRM customers to offer additional online services to their customers.

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