Month: May 2014

CRM Analytics Provide a Snapshot of Your Business

By CommenceCRM / May 27, 2014

Reporting is one of the most important and critical components of CRM software and should not be overlooked when evaluating CRM software packages. Basic CRM solutions provide standard pre-built reports primarily for account and contact management or for sales such as 30, 60, or 90-day forecasts. Other more robust packages offer customizable reporting where you can edit the pre-built reports…

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Sales Tip – How to prevent being inundated with useless information

By CommenceCRM / May 16, 2014

Best Practice #11: Regularly implements a system to prevent being inundated with useless information. By Dave Kahle On first glance, this looks like a bit unrelated to the day-to-day challenges of an effective sales person. What has this to do with your interactions with your customers? Consider the issue of “sales time.” Sales time is the time that you actually…

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Businesses Can Use CRM Software to Get Re-Focused

By CommenceCRM / May 13, 2014

Small to mid-size businesses are struggling to differentiate themselves from the competition and acquire more customers, but help is on the way. Several CRM software providers are teaching their customers how they can use CRM software to get re-focused. What does getting re-focused mean? It simply means to get a better understanding of what you do well and to use…

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Sales Tips – Learning from Failure

By CommenceCRM / May 8, 2014

By Dave Kahle Remember John Delorean? He was the superstar General Motors executive who started the Delorean Motor Company. When the company began to falter, he was arrested and charged with complicity in a drug deal that some speculated was an attempt to raise money to prop up the company. All of this was big news in Detroit, where I…

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Teaching Sales Professionals to See the Glass as Half Full

By CommenceCRM / May 5, 2014

  Larry Caretsky discusses sales management skills for professional sales people.  Excerpt below: “…One of the most crucial skills you can help your sales team develop is the ability to effectively manage adversity and overcome rejection through the power of positive thinking.” Click here to read the full article on

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Cheap CRM – When Will the Foolishness Stop?

By CommenceCRM / May 2, 2014

The CRM software sector has gone wild with vendors, obviously struggling to sign up new customers, pulling out all the stops. It started with cookie-cutter emails saying “See us in the 2014 CRM review!” which everyone knows you have to pay to be in, but at least it was professional. What has happened recently is not. Clearly the companies creating…

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BlogTalkRadio Podcast – Dealing With Adversity

By CommenceCRM / May 1, 2014

EATONTOWN, N.J., April 23, 2014 /Small Business Digest/ — In a radio interview with Small Business Digest, Larry Caretsky, CEO of Commence, discusses best practices for sales people and how the ability to get up and “try, try again” after a failure will create a strong and successful sales rep. Click to listen to the podcast

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