Month: April 2014

Commence Debuts iCommence

By CommenceCRM / April 28, 2014

Commence Corporation announced the launch of “iCommence” a web front end for the company’s popular desktop CRM software. Learn how you can access your Commence CRM database anytime and anywhere, using any device – a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone. Click here for further information. Image courtesy of Naypong /

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Sales Q&A – Entertaining

By CommenceCRM / April 24, 2014

Q. Dave, I have read your comments about the value of entertaining, and I agree with you.  But, I have a problem.  I still find a percentage of customers who keep me at “arms length.”  How do I overcome this attitude from the select few of my customers? A. What!  Not everyone thinks you are great?  Alas, it is the sales person’s…

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The Trend for Small Businesses is Managed Services

By CommenceCRM / April 21, 2014

Changes in the business climate over the past few years have placed significant challenges on smaller businesses. For some it’s been changes in regulatory requirements and for others a continued slowdown in the industry sector they do business in. In addition, technology advances such as cloud computing and social networking coupled with a shortage of IT resources have caused small…

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Cloud Computing is Hot, but is it Right for Your Business

By CommenceCRM / April 16, 2014

A flat economy, costly hardware upgrades and a reduction of IT resources is causing more and more businesses to migrate their computer operations from local servers to the cloud. What can cloud computing provide to your business and should you take the leap? To start, it will allow you to focus on what you do best versus devoting resources to…

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Sales Best Practice: Skilled at dealing with adversity and failure

By CommenceCRM / April 9, 2014

A best practice for sales people by Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. By Dave Kahle Every now and then, I run across an idea which makes a significant impact on me. One such was the idea (I wish I could remember who first said it) that the surest indicator of success was the ability to deal effectively with…

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Quality Service Comes at a Cost

By CommenceCRM / April 4, 2014

By Larry Caretsky I recently wrote an article titled “CRM: A Race to the Bottom” where I discussed the cut throat competitive nature of the customer relationship management software industry where vendors are doing almost anything to attract new customers. I am afraid that there will not be any winners in this race, but there will be a loser and…

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The Practice of Sales

By Dave Kahle / April 1, 2014

“Every profession expects the serious practitioner of that profession to continually seek out the best practices of that profession, and then to roll them into his/her routine with discipline.” That statement comes out of my mouth in almost every seminar or key-note that I present. Sometimes I follow it up with the ironic observation that there is, apparently, one exception…

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