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Sales Best Practice #16 – Has cultivated a unique personal presence

A best practice for salespeople by Dave Kahle.

There is something about a superstar sales person. They radiate confidence and make an impression that you notice and remember.

That’s because they understand, and implement, this best practice. They intentionally and thoughtfully cultivate a unique personal presence. They understand that they will be more effective if their customers remember them positively, and so they work to stand out in the customer’s mind.

What makes this best practice so interesting is that it arises out of the unique combination of strengths and experiences of each individual sales person. It requires that each sales person look at himself/herself with an objective eye and to identify those portions of himself that can be accentuated to build a powerful personal presence.

For example, I inherited my mother’s DNA as it related to the color of my hair. It turned pure white a number of years ago. So, I decided to build on that, and wear it longer than may be fashionable. It’s OK, it is part of my personal image. Here’s another piece. Because I travel so much, I make packing a personal challenge. I can easily pack couple of week’s worth of clothes into a carry on. Wearing silk T-shirts instead of starched dress shirts and ties saves a lot of room in your suitcase. Since I discovered that a few years ago, I’ve gone to wearing nothing but them. Now, it’s part of my unique personal presence.

While this example speaks to your physical appearance, there are other elements to your unique personal presence. For example, some sales people make it a point to bring an article that may impact the customer to every sales call. Others always have a set of well thought-out questions to lead and direct the conversation. Those who have the gift of being able to regularly and predictably make people laugh have cultivated that skill.

That’s the kind of thing we’re talking about here. Using your unique combination of attributes and experiences to forge a personal presence that is positive and memorable – that makes you stand out in the customer’s mind.

That’s what the best do. That’s why it’s a practice of the best.

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