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It’s Not About CRM. It’s About What CRM Can Do for You.

For some strange reason CRM has become a term associated with technology, but CRM has very little to do with technology. CRM is a business strategy plain and simple. It’s all about streamlining the front office business processes that impact sales execution and customer service. It’s a management decision and a commitment to improving how you market, sell and provide service to your customers. The goal of implementing a CRM solution is to realize measurable results such as an increase in sales, improved profitability and happier customers. This does not happen by itself and anyone foolish enough to believe that simply purchasing and implementing a CRM solution is going to deliver these results is well, just foolish.

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Businesses today are spending an incredible amount of time and money to find the right CRM solution for their business based on an evaluation of the product’s features and functions (i.e. technology). The problem is that they have not made a commitment to implementing a business strategy that supports their business objectives. The title of this article says it best. It’s not about CRM; it’s about what CRM can do for your business.

I look at CRM software as a tool, a hammer if you will. The hammer by itself does nothing, but in the hands of a well-trained carpenter great things can happen. So before deciding on any CRM system take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

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  • What changes do we need to make in our business?
  • Do we have a plan to implement these changes?
  • Who will be leading this effort?
  • What training will be required?
  • How will we measure results?

Once you have these answered go out and look for a CRM solution provider that can deliver the functionality, training and service required to ensure that you meet and hopefully exceed your business objectives. You will be amazed what CRM can do for you.

Image “Side Pose Of Angry Male Striking Monitor With Hammer” courtesy of imagerymajestic/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image “Pyramid … Showing Growth Or Progress” courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net