Month: November 2013

Sales Q&A #28 – How do we get more calls in when driving?

By CommenceCRM / November 26, 2013

Dave Kahle answers a sales question about how to use your time most effectively while mobile.

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Best Practice #50 – Regularly talks with customers about their needs

By CommenceCRM / November 19, 2013

Dave Kahle explains how the best salespeople understand that we sell different levels of products and services, and regularly talk with customers about their needs that go beyond just product and price.

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Commence CRM Highlights Midmarket Product Positioning

By CommenceCRM / November 15, 2013

Most CRM Software offerings are designed for a specific market segments and fall into one of three categories; Small Business CRM, Midsize CRM and Enterprise CRM. This paper highlights several areas that differentiate the market segments and where Commence CRM fits in the industry.

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One of the Emerging New Rules for Sales: The Value-Added Sales Call

By CommenceCRM / November 12, 2013

The value-added sales call, an article for B2B and wholesale distributor sales people by Dave Kahle.

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Social CRM: Reaching Out to Customers through Social Media

By CommenceCRM / November 8, 2013

Social sites like Twitter and Facebook along with other industry blogs can play a significant role in driving potential buyers to your site or away from it.

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Don’t overlook those who may impact the sale

By CommenceCRM / November 4, 2013

In your drive to get to the decision maker, make sure you engage others who may play a bigger role in the decision than you think.

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