By CommenceCRM

Commence customers coming on board with CRM hosting service

For more than two decades companies have been managing and maintaining their business software on traditional client server platforms.  This requires the purchase of the proper server hardware and software along with backup and recovery systems, virus protection programs and disaster recovery plans. In addition you need experienced IT personnel to manage and maintain these systems because they have been highly customized over the years.  All of this is costly and with today’s difficult economic environment small to mid-size businesses are struggling to maintain their infrastructure.

Many of these businesses are looking at cloud computing options to address this challenge but are discovering that migrating these highly customized applications to the cloud is more difficult and costly than they expected. This is because most of the cloud based solutions are generic in nature and have to be customized to meet each customer’s unique business requirements.

Commence Corporation is offering a unique approach to address this challenge and it is quickly gaining traction with their customer base.  Commence is using the cloud to host client systems that have been maintained internally for many years.  The CRM hosting service not only alleviates the IT infrastructure cost for the customer, but enables them to continue to utilize and take advantage of the application software that has been running their business.

With Commence, the server hardware is provided and the systems are maintained 24/7 by the company’s engineering staff.  It’s a nice offering for companies that want to move to the cloud but maintain the integrity and structure of their in-house business software.

Photo Credit: phanlop88 at freedigitalphotos.net