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Commence Teams Up with the Kahle Way Sales System

Commence Teams Up with the Kahle Way Sales System

Commence Corporation, a leading provider of online CRM software, has teamed up with Dave Kahle of the Kahle Way sales system to provide customers with a winning formula for improving sales execution and performance.   Start with a top rated CRM solution for contact and account management, lead management, sales opportunity and pipeline management, sales reporting and sales workflow automation.  Complement this with sales representative and sales management training from an industry expert to create and implement a structured sales process that will deliver more sales more quickly.

The Kahle Way® Sales Management System focuses on enriching salespeople and transforming sales organizations by first creating a sales process that delivers results, then automating the process using Commence Corporation’s online CRM software.  This combination has proven to streamline the sales process, improve close ratios and deliver accurate monthly and quarterly sales reporting.

“We have found that many small to mid-size companies have not implemented a structured sales process.” says Tom Gibson, sales manager at Commence.  “Our CRM software provides the ability to automate the sales process, but the customer must first outline the process they wish to use.  The Kahle Way provides sales managers and salespeople with a structured process that works, and reinforces sales best practices such as:

These are just several of the Kahle Way processes incorporated right within the Commence CRM software.  This enables customers to get going quickly and see results faster.  It just makes sense.” says Gibson. “Match high quality sales training with a top rated online CRM solution and you are going to improve close ratios, win more business and streamline your sales process.”