By CommenceCRM

Foolish Thinking Causes the Failure of CRM Software

Small businesses often struggle with how they manage and execute their marketing message, lead generation programs and sales opportunity management. This is because they typically do not have the expertise on board to implement or automate the internal business processes that drive these requirements.  What’s worse is that many believe that the mere purchase of a good CRM software program will fix the problem; then later learn that it won’t.  Want to know why?  Because CRM software doesn’t run your business – people do.

Price without value

As a provider of online CRM software for small to mid-size companies most of the businesses we deal with have one thing in mind when it comes to CRM software and that’s price.  It’s the first question that is asked which is a clear indication that the cost of the software may be more important than the value the software actually provides.

Seems a bit silly doesn’t it? But it’s true and it’s the primary reason so many small to mid-size companies fail with CRM.

Small businesses cannot attract or maintain experienced sales or marketing personnel and that’s ok, but no CRM software program on its own is going to address this problem.  What will address it is a CRM software provider that can provide an array of sales and marketing services as part of their overall CRM solution.  You will not however find this with the typical low cost out of the box solutions that you purchase over the internet.

CRM solution providers like Commence Corporation, have done an excellent job of differentiating themselves by providing a software solution that is complemented by an array of services that fill the gaps the customer cannot.  These services include marketing campaign management, lead generation services, and automating the sales process.   The results are measurable and include targeted marketing campaigns, better quality lead generation and a significant improvement in the management and reporting of the sales process.  This is what a quality CRM solution provider will offer.

If you are firmly set on improving how you market, sell and provide services to your customers you need to be willing to invest your time and money to engage this level of expertise. If you are not, and price is the driving factor for engaging in CRM, re-think your decision. You will be glad you did.

Image ‘#price without #value’ by Francesca Romana Correale on Flickr under Creative Commons license.