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Sales Best Practice #24 – Regularly and methodically invests in personal and professional development

A best practice for sales people by guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator.

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Only one out of every twenty salespeople has invested $20.00 or more of their own money on their improvement in the last twelve months.

Amazing, isn’t it?  In a world that demands ever-improving productivity, the overwhelming majority of salespeople are content with their personal status quo.   That is not true, of course, of other professions.  That’s why teachers have in-services, doctors go to conferences, nurses have on-going training, ministers and social workers attend workshops, etc.  Members of every other profession in the world understand that continuously improving yourself is one of the characteristics of a professional.  If you are going to be in the game, you have to play by the rules.  And continuous development is an expectation for every professional.

The sales masters understand that.  That’s one of the things that make them the masters – the top five percent of salespeople.  And that’s why this practice is one of the “best.”

One of the things that I have appreciated about the sales profession is the fact that you are never as good as you could be.  No matter how competent you may think you are, there is always room for improvement.  The best salespeople understand that, and continually and methodically invest in their own improvement.

They read the electronic newsletters, they subscribe to the magazines, they regularly buy a sales or personal improvement book, they attend the seminars, they solicit input from their managers, and they dialogue with their colleagues, constantly searching for another good idea.

They understand this basic truth about sales:  Your behavior is what brings you your results.  Improve your behavior, and you improve your results.  Improve your results and you become more confident and more competent, more valuable to your companies and a better provider for your families.

One of the best salespeople who calls on me happened to mention, just in passing, that he was attending his monthly “master mind” meeting that night.  It is a group of sales people who get together regularly to discuss issues, trade ideas, and support and encourage each other.  Of course.  The best salespeople continually search out ways to improve.  This is just another example.

What is so compelling about this best practice is that it is so easily attainable.  Everyone can decide, right now, to begin to invest in their own development.  Within ten minutes of reading this, everyone can be subscribed to a sales Ezine, or have purchased a book online.

All it takes is the will to make the decision.

Alas, only 1 out of 20 will.  That’s why this is a practice of only the best.

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