By CommenceCRM

Arm your Sales Team – It’s a War Out There

Ready for Battle, Sir!Sales are the driving force of any business. With competition getting tougher and tougher it is imperative that you develop, train and coach your sales team to be the best they can be.  Experienced sales managers can train sales representatives to be better qualifiers and closers, but salespeople need more than basic sales training to be successful.  They need the right tools and a partner to ensure that the sales staff realizes the maximum value from them.

CRM software is now regarded as a must have for any size business that sells products or services.  What these software programs provide is the ability to manage customer interaction and share vital customer information with the people and departments that need it to effectively do their jobs.  CRM comes in several flavors from basic programs that provide contact management and sales management to more mature systems that offer lead management and lead qualification, sales analytics, marketing campaign management and customer service applications.

Best CRM for Small Business

One of the most popular CRM systems for small to mid-size businesses is Commence CRM.  Well regarded for its robust functionality and ease of use, Commence is a cloud-based CRM system that operates over the Internet. As such, there is no hardware to purchase or software to install and customers can be operational very quickly.  What Commence CRM does best however is that it automates the routine tasks that are performed daily by sales and customer service personnel.  Right from the opening screen or dashboard, sales and support staff can enter new leads, a new sales opportunity, a service ticket, schedule follow-up activity or access the complete profile of any customer.  The speed, efficiency and ease of use of this system is unmatched in the industry and has made Commence a popular alternative to highly marketed CRM programs like Salesforce.com and Microsoft CRM.

Sales Process Management

While Commence offers several unique features in the software, the company’s expertise in sales process management has enabled Commence customers to quickly get a leg up on the competition. The Commence program allows for the implementation of a custom-tailored sales process that displays a graphical analysis of where every new sales opportunity is in the sales process. This provides sales management with the ability to be proactive with each new sales opportunity and has resulted in more accurate sales forecasts, higher close ratios and more sales.

Free trials and CRM reviews comparing Commence against other online CRM programs are available on the Commence web site at commence.com.

Image by Andrew Wong on Flickr under Creative Commons license.