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Commence CRM Helps Struggling Sales Representatives Get Focused

If you are a sales professional in today’s competitive market you need every advantage you can get to close business.  While some sales organizations are mired in paperwork and struggle to ensure new opportunities don’t fall through the cracks, others are turning to easy to use low cost CRM programs like Commence for help.  Commence CRM has been specifically designed to address the common challenges faced by sales representatives across every industry — those being lead qualification and the efficient management of the sales process.

Lead Management Software

Inexperienced sales representatives often struggle with lead qualification. Either they fail to ask the proper questions or get caught up in the excitement of a new opportunity and fall into the trap of being led by the prospect.  Either way the result is the same. They end up spending valuable time chasing tire kickers versus qualified opportunities.  This costs your business money in wasted time and lost opportunities that perhaps they should have been working on.

The Commence online CRM software addresses this concern by enabling sales management to automate the lead qualification process.  Built into the sales CRM software is an automated business process that consists of a set of pre-qualification questions that a sales representative must answer before taking any additional action.  The questions are designed to ensure that every new lead is qualified according to a strict set of criteria and not the gut reaction of the sales representative.  It’s a clever program that guarantees every sales representative qualifies new leads according to the company’s criteria.  It also ensures that the sales organization is focused on the most qualified new opportunities.

Sales Management Software

The second area addressed by the CRM software is the management of the sales process. Most sales representatives have a process by which they manage a sales opportunity, but it’s their process which is rarely documented and different from every other representative.  As such, there is no way for management to get a handle on multiple sales opportunities when each representative handles the process differently.

The Commence sales software provides the ability to define each step of the sales process from introduction to closure. This way management and the sales representative have a clear picture of where each new opportunity is in the sales cycle and what the next steps are for winning the sale.  Click the link below to learn more about managing the sales process with CRM.

CRM Online Video: Manage the Sales Process with Commence CRM