By CommenceCRM

Commence Wins Round One of Capterra’s CRM Software Challenge

If you have been following Capterra’s CRM Madness online tournament you know that thanks to your support Commence CRM has moved into round two of the CRM vendor challenge. While this is exciting we need to call on you one more time so others can learn about the value they can realize from Commence CRM.  Please take a moment to vote for Commence at  If we win this round we will challenge CRM.

Commence is pleased to have been selected as the winner of round one of the Capterra’s CRM Madness Vendor challenge.  Commence was selected over Zoho CRM, which offers a low cost solution to small businesses.

Small to Mid-size enterprises typically need more than basic contact management software to operate and grow their business. While programs like Zoho CRM offer a basic set of features at a low cost, customers often find that they quickly outgrow the capabilities of lower end CRM software programs.

Commence CRM,  while targeted at small to mid-size enterprises won the challenge due to the products robust set of features for managing leads, sales, marketing and customer service.  Commence is a comprehensive online CRM system with the functionality and scalability to ensure growth for its customers.

We appreciate your support and keep voting for Commence CRM in the next round!