By CommenceCRM

Commence-ing with the Cloud


Commence Corporation, a leading provider of online CRM software, is helping companies transition from traditional desktop software to CRM programs that operate in a cloud computing environment. “Many small to mid-size enterprises are still a bit suspect of cloud computing,” says Tom Gibson, Sales Manager at Commence. “These companies have spent years using traditional contact management software that operates on their personal computer and are comfortable with that environment, but they are seeking more.” continued Gibson.  Users of older contact management programs are becoming more and more educated on the benefits of cloud computing and indeed desire that ability to access their data anytime and anywhere.  Online CRM software programs that operate in a cloud environment provide this while reducing the time and cost associated with managing and maintaining desktop software.”

Commence is helping companies transition to the world of CRM online by assisting them with the transition process.  The Commence professional services organization has created several tools and best practices for data migration and a series of web based CRM training videos that enable the end user to learn how to use Commence CRM online.  “We try to become part of the company’s organization” says Chris Anello, one of the Commence team members that helps manage the transition.  This helps them to feel comfortable that they have someone to call and talk to during the process.  This process has proven to be highly successful and Commence has numerous CRM customer references to support this.

To learn more about Commence Corporation, its best practices and the company’s online CRM software visit commenceaug202.wpengine.com.

Image “Office” owned by Scott Ableman (cc)