By CommenceCRM

CRM Hosting is Not All The Same

If you are looking to implement CRM software it is important to take note of the following: all CRM software hosting services are not the same.  Companies that are engaged in the selection of a CRM solution tend to spend the majority of their time evaluating a product’s features and functions.  While this is perfectly fine, it is important to appreciate that the majority of today’s CRM software offerings are hosted, which means a third party is storing and managing your data.  If you are like most growing businesses your data is critical to your business and the proper protection of it is paramount to your survival.  If you believe this to be true, then you need to also pay close attention to who is hosting your data and what procedures they have in place to back it up or make it available to you if necessary.

The term hosting can be confusing to the consumer.  Some companies refer to their CRM offering as hosted CRM, on-line CRM, web based CRM or cloud based CRM and there is a significant difference between simply hosting data and storing it in the cloud.  Regardless of the difference, what is most important here is to understand that the proper storage, management and protection of your data doesn’t come cheap.  Tier 1 companies tend to offer high quality services in this area and as a result cost more than the lower priced ones that do not.  So if you think one CRM vendor is a bargain over the others, you may want to ask about their hosting service. You may find this to be a significant reason for the difference in cost.