Month: November 2011

Sales Practices: Question and Answer #5

By CommenceCRM / November 28, 2011

This is a Sales Question and Answer article about customer relationship management from guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. Follow Dave’s latest Tweets at @davekahle. By Dave Kahle Q. How do I ensure that I get the last look in a competitive bid situation? A.  This is a question that I’m often asked.  In a lot of…

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Sales Best Practice #35 – Regularly spends time and money improving sales skills

By CommenceCRM / November 16, 2011

This is why the best sales people are the best. They regularly spend time and money on the pursuit of perfection.

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A Quick Analysis of Level One, Level Two and Level Three CRM Software Providers

By CommenceCRM / November 11, 2011

While some CRM solution providers try to be all things to all people most of the popular CRM programs are designed and targeted at a specific market segment. I have labeled these by Tier. See below: Tier 1 – Enterprise Level CRM Providers While targeted primarily at the Fortune 1000 companies, CRM software providers in this category traditionally have a…

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