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Commence Corporation Introduces Affordable Flexible CRM Pricing Program

Select ONLY the CRM Applications You Need to Match Any Budget

Tinton Falls, N.J.  May 10, 2011 — Commence Corporation a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) has introduced a new flexible pricing structure that is attracting new business away from rival CRM software providers.  Many CRM vendors have designed pre-built application packages often called ‘editions’ that force customers to select a pre-set group of applications at a fixed cost., one of the leading providers of CRM software not only forces customers to select a pre-packaged set of applications, they also limit how many users can utilize the applications without bumping up to the next level at a higher cost. “This just doesn’t make sense” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation.  “Customers should not be forced into selecting a group of applications and features designed by the CRM vendor”.

Commence Corporation’s pricing structure allows customers to build their own CRM system by selecting only the applications they require and there is no limit to how many users can use the applications they have selected.   You start with the essentials such as account and contact management, calendaring, e-mail integration with MS Outlook, and activity management. Then add any additional applications you require from a comprehensive list that includes lead management, sales force automation, marketing campaign management, help desk, documents, project management, analytics and mobile integration.  Commence even offers an interface to popular accounting packages at an additional cost.

“Customers are finding our program very attractive and for good reason,” says Caretsky.   “No one wants to be told what applications they must purchase.  Our program offers the flexibility and affordability customers simply cannot get from competitive offerings while offering a growth path to additional functionality down the road”.   For more information about Commence Corporation’s flexible pricing structure visit the Commence CRM Pricing link or call Commence sales at 1-877- 266-6232.

About Commence Corporation

Commence develops and delivers a diverse suite of award winning CRM software that integrates people, processes and technology.  Available on premise or via a cloud computing environment, Commence CRM solutions streamline the front office business processes that directly impact sales execution and customer service.   Commence is one of the most trusted names in CRM software. The company has been providing customer management software solutions to the middle market for more than two decades and services several thousand customers in twenty two countries around the world.

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