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Sales Management Software a Breeze with Commence CRM

Is your Sales CRM Software Hard to Use?

You’ve heard it all before, sales people fighting tooth and nail with overly complex sales management software that provides little if any value to sales representatives and results in poor utilization, inaccurate reporting and eventually shelf ware.  But don’t lose hope. One CRM sales management software provider seems to have gotten it right with an easy to use solution that sales people really like and really use.

Commence CRM Makes Leads & Sales Tracking Easy

“I would give up my left hand before giving up Commence CRM” says Nigel Park of TPS Consulting.  “The product is very easy to use.  My new leads pop up on a home page sales dashboard where I can immediately schedule a follow-up call, appointment or to do with a single click.  Once I open the lead record I can manage the lead, qualify and rate it based on what I have learned, and manage the lead process adding notes, history items, track e-mail correspondence, even documents I may have sent. ”

“Once qualified, I can convert the lead into a sales deal or sales opportunity and simply repeat the process and manage the new qualified opportunity to closure all from one screen.  The other nice thing about Commence CRM is that it allows us to enter and automate our own sales process versus being forced to follow a standard out-of-the-box program that comes with other CRM solutions.”

Sales Lead Management CRM

Commence Corporation has been providing CRM sales management software to medium size businesses and small enterprises for more than twenty years and has a customer base of several thousand users.  One of the key CRM differentiators of Commence, when comparing other sales management software providers, is the company’s expertise in sales management.  Commence has created a set of best practices for sales execution and sales management that ensure Commence customers realize the maximum value from their sales management software. Commence lists Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as its main CRM competitors.

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