By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM Offers Solution for Abandoned Intuit Customer Manager CRM Users

December 03, 2010 – Commence Corporation invites customers of the discontinued Intuit Customer Manager CRM product to review Commence CRM as a migration option. Commence CRM is an online CRM system designed for small, medium, and large enterprise and provides comprehensive CRM functionality as well as QuickBooks integration.

“After much consideration, we’ve made the decision to discontinue Customer Manager, effective October 11, 2010”

“Intuit Customer Support will provide support for all issues through November 30, 2010.”

These surprising notices were posted on the Intuit website just 2 months ago leaving many small and mid-market businesses scrambling to find an alternative solution for their Customer Management and CRM needs.

“Many of these businesses were taken by surprise by this announcement and then further surprised that they had to find an alternative by November 30 when the system was being shut down”, said Todd Pape, CTO at Commence Corporation, “We are happy to provide an option for these customers to migrate to our web-based CRM solution with QuickBooks integration. We invite these customers to review our CRM solutions and believe we offer a very compelling option with our web-based Commence CRM and optional QuickBooks integration.”

Commence offers a robust suite of CRM software applications for managing sales, marketing, customer support, and project management. The Customer Management software can also be integrated with QuickBooks for 2-way synchronization of customer data.

Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation, welcomes the addition of these customers. “Commence has been servicing small and mid-size businesses for over twenty years,” noted Caretsky. “A good portion of our business comes from companies that have outgrown traditional contact management software such as Sage ACT! software and Goldmine software. These companies need more than a simple contact manager, but not the cost and complexity of enterprise CRM software. We are positioned right in the middle of the two, which has served our business very well over the years. Our CRM solution is comprehensive yet intuitive and affordable, and is quickly deployed over the Internet,” says Caretsky.

About Commence Corporation:

Commence Corporation is a leading provider of Customer Manager software. The company’s products are designed to provide small to mid-size businesses with flexible solutions that leverage the Web to offer an integrated platform for managing sales execution and customer service. Commence supports several thousand customers through a worldwide distribution network, with outlets in North and South America, Europe and Asia. For more information see or call 1-877-COMMENCE.