Month: April 2010

Young Salesman Grows Personally and Professionally Using CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / April 21, 2010

I started my career in the Mortgage industry selling re-financing services. The job was quite structured: call fifty people each day, document my discussions then follow-up with those that were interested as well as any I was unable to reach.  The company had no automation, but people learned to manage their daily business using a spiral notebook or a Microsoft…

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Commence Lead Scoring Helps Shrink the Sales Cycle

By CommenceCRM / April 8, 2010

Is your sales team working on the most qualified opportunities, or chasing tire kickers?  Do you even know?  Most companies rely on the expertise of their sales representatives to qualify opportunities, but this has proven over and over again to be inefficient and costly.  The problem with relying on your sales organization is a lack of consistency.  Most sales organizations…

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