Month: December 2009

Is Your Web Site an Integral Part of Your Business?

By CommenceCRM / December 29, 2009

Almost every business today large or small has a web site.  Some companies have done a good job of making theirs interactive and engaging while others have created little more than an electronic brochure. Yet most business owners will agree that their web site defines their business, outlines the value they offer to customers and may be the single most…

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Are Desktop CRM Solutions Giving Way to Software as a Service (SaaS)?

By CommenceCRM / December 24, 2009

Businesses looking for customer management software solutions better known as CRM, have numerous alternatives to choose from, but for those looking specifically for desktop or on premise CRM software, the options appear to be fewer and fewer.  There are still a few low end contact managers such as Sage ACT, Avidian Prophet and Highrise, but they are not CRM solutions…

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CRM Price Wars Continue, But Who Wins In The End?

By CommenceCRM / December 1, 2009

It seems like manufacturers of Customer Relationship Management software are doing almost anything these days to add new subscribers.   Some are offering free utilization for the first few months, others money back guarantees and a few are even offering utilization of their software as a monthly service with no contract at all.  Price points are all over the map and…

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