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The 4 Best CRM Systems for Medium-Sized Businesses

CRM system feature sets tend to grow with a business; the larger your sales teams and the more resources you can devote to refining your sales process, the more you can make use of the extended tools that come with the more expensive CRM Systems.

For start-ups, paying $50 per user per month rather than using free CRM Systems could be a crippling expense, but for larger companies, the tools that come with the $50 package could be indispensable, and for them, the free tool may hurt their revenue stream.

In this guide we’ll be looking at the best CRM systems in the $30-70 a month per user range, exploring the features that make them worth their asking price and what our community at Serchen thinks about them.

Who Are These CRM Systems For?

The software products we’ll be looking at in this guide are for businesses that have outgrown either the user limitations or the feature capping of free or entry-level CRM systems or need more advanced features than the cheaper products offer.

Companies considering this level of software will probably have 10+ users and will want to make use of the features offered by upgrading to a tier or two above entry-level CRM systems.

They won’t need the huge feature sets, support and customization offered by the enterprise-tier packages though, which are designed for the largest companies with multiple sales teams across locations.

If you’re interested in taking full control of your sales process and optimizing your reps’ activities to make sure you’re maximizing your team’s revenue, then this level of CRM system is probably for you.

The 4 best CRM Systems for Medium-Sized Businesses

Let’s take a look at what the Serchen community helped rate as the best CRM Systems for Medium-sized businesses.


Price from: $29 per user per month

Commence sets itself apart from the competition by pushing ahead with the next generation of CRM technology to boost automation and integration functions within its software.

And with businesses using the Commence CRM system boasting a 14-21% rise in sales over their first nine months of use, there’s proof their software lives up to their claims.

Commence has built its CRM system around tools designed to cover the full CRM process, including contact management, prospect management, opportunity and activity management, marketing hub, project management, customer service and more.

By building so many features into one easy-to-use package, Commence makes it clear to users what’s going on in their pipelines and how reps are performing, and with powerful insights drawn from analytics across the software, reps and managers will be more clued-in than ever about their selling process and revenue prospects.

Highlight Features:

Customer profile — use Commence’s powerful software to help you build up better ideas of who your prospects are by collecting important data about how they interact with your business. Taking information from every touchpoint with your means you can build up personalized profiles of your customers and learn how best to sell to them as individuals.

Customer segmentation — instead of blasting out one marketing message to all your leads, Commence helps you break down your prospects into segments that help you deliver more personalized messages to appeal to their particular habits. By automating the customer segmentation process in Commence, you can spend more time creating powerful marketing messages tailored to your leads’ wants and needs

Sales tracking system — gain transparency on your sales process and success by using Commence’s sales tracking system to track all the important metrics that go into winning (or losing) a deal. By understanding how you’re selling to your leads and how effective your techniques are, you can make surgical changes backed up by data to improve your conversion rates.

Ticket management system — whether it’s a sales rep, a manager or a customer service rep interacting with a customer or looking for information about a deal, Commence lets users access all the information they need about their lead in one place. Collate lead behavior over a number of channels as well as their previous deals and communications with your business to have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Project management — extend your sales capabilities by utilizing the project management features Commence provides to plan, cost and implement new projects, with the ability to delegate, assign roles and make notes as the project continues.

Mobile app — stay connected to your CRM System on both iOS and Android with Commence’s mobile app

Advanced analytics and reporting — quick access to real-time and historic data allows users insights into their sales process, and custom report generating means sales metrics are quick to compare and share with those who need them.

What our community says about Commence:

Mel — “A very intuitive user interface makes Commence CRM a breeze to use yet the product offers very strong functionality and can be easily modified by the system administrator. The customer service has been excellent. The Commence staff ensured that we got the system set up the way we needed it and they are immediately available by telephone if you need assistance. Very pleased with the product and service.”

Brett — “Commence CRM’s has been a powerful, customizable and reliable solution. The product’s functionality, flexibility and support have enabled us to automate our business processes, become more efficient with managing customer relationships and improve both performance and quality control. Customer support has been excellent.”

Mary — “We are a repair and remodeling company that has to schedule and manage numerous jobs and projects. We choose Commence CRM because it provided us with 1 centralized database to capture and manage our customers, schedule projects and maintain one single calendar of all activities. Access to information could not be easier and the product filtering is great, if we need to research something it’s quick and efficient. I don’t know how we ran the business without Commence CRM.”

Read the full review: https://blog.serchen.com/the-best-crm-system-for-medium-businesses/