Month: June 2022

Efficient Customer Management Requires Segmentation Software

By CommenceCRM / June 28, 2022

If you want to efficiently manage customer relationships you need a software package that allows you to categorize your customers based on a myriad of criteria such as their industry or SIC code, specific products or services they may have purchased, company size, government or non-government accounts, and more. What you essentially need is the ability to create a separate…

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Commence CRM, an All-In-One CRM Solution

By CommenceCRM / June 17, 2022

Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM, is addressing a need that has been troublesome for many small to mid-size businesses for years.  It’s data consolidation.  CRM systems designed for the small to mid-size businesses traditionally manage accounts, contacts and sales, leaving businesses with no option but to use multiple third-party solutions to manage other components of their business such as…

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Long road ahead? Start now.

Are You Kicking the Can Down the Road?

By CommenceCRM / June 9, 2022

Generating new leads for your business is a full-time process. Its hard work and takes time which is why many companies today are struggling to execute a comprehensive program for lead generation.  Some send a bulk-email every so often using a third-party service, but there is no consistency, and their efforts deliver little to no value. Marketing experts today talk…

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Sales Rep Quota Performance guage

Commence CRM Sales Tracking Software

By CommenceCRM / June 1, 2022

Sales is the lifeline of every business and with the cost of customer acquisition continuing to increase, sales organizations need to be more efficient in how they track and manage sales opportunities. The real objective of sales tracking software is to enable sales management to view a snapshot of where every potential opportunity is in the pipeline. This way they can…

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