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Why CRM Software For Insurance Restoration Companies Is A Must-Have


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Because of the nature of their industry, insurance restoration companies require extensive customer relationship management. The specific client demands insurance restoration companies face can vary in severity and will not always be resolved quickly, with an added emphasis on making sure the client’s confidence in their restoration services is never shaken. While insurance in itself is already a client-centric industry, insurance restoration companies face increased challenges to making sure their customer service is nothing less than what their client wants.

So where does CRM software for insurance restoration companies factor into all this? CRM software gives insurance restoration companies a little breathing room when it comes to operations, client data, and networking with restoration professionals. It’s quickly becoming an essential software that can help you manage expectations, deal with crises quickly, and deliver outstanding results.

The Delicate Nature Of CRM For Insurance Restoration Companies

The insurance restoration industry faces a very specific challenge when they offer their services: how to make sure that their client understands the need for what they’re offering. This is why every step of the process from sales, engagement, and claims should be handled with utmost care and respect to the client’s needs. A client who has an account with an insurance restoration company has put their trust in their ability to get the job done – so when insurance restoration is required, the company needs to meet these demands and fulfill them as the client expects.

This can put a lot of pressure on the company, especially since the insured object in question is as considerable as an entire home. Home restoration has many moving parts that need to be kept track of, in addition to making sure that the ensuing repairs and changes are to the client’s satisfaction. This is why CRM is essential to any operations within an insurance restoration company: it is the basis of how the client will interact with you.

This is also why CRM insurance software is such a necessity. In an industry where lost data, mismatched instructions, or customer dissatisfaction matter more than a lost sale, a CRM system can help keep things organized and important data accessible at a moment’s notice. Speed and efficiency are two of the necessary requirements to make sure that the job gets done to the client’s satisfaction, and CRM software can help getting to that point much easier.

How CRM Software Helps Insurance Restoration Companies

Restoration management software can have plenty of benefits for an insurance company or a restoration contractor, but it also has benefits that the property owner, builders, and remodelers can enjoy as well.

It makes workflow more efficient

Operational efficiency is critical when it comes to the services of restoration firms. This means that everything about the restoration service required needs to be accessible when it needs to be: the job file, the list of restoration professionals, the insurance agent and insurance carrier for the specific client, any insurance claim they may have, and other pieces of critical data. With all these moving parts, it’s easy to get lost with how much there is to keep track of – and this can spell disaster for the insurance restoration contractor.

CRM software can help improve operation efficiency by providing an easy-to-use and access platform that contains all the necessary data required for the job. As a construction management software, it’s a tool that can help your restoration business keep track of everything that needs to be done with the actual repair – from water damage restoration to mold removal.

Increasing operational efficiency is particularly useful if the prospective customer is a small business owner since they are less likely to have an established experience with the insurance industry overall. This makes customer relationship management more crucial since the insurance company restoration contractor needs to keep the client’s confidence in getting the job done well.

It allows for better customer communication

Having excellent communication skills is another necessity that the salesperson, the insurance restoration contractor and the insurance company always has to stress with their service. Given that potential customers may be understandably wary or confused about how the insurance industry operates, making sure that communication is clear and open is critical.

Restoration management software eases this process by making sure that anything that the customer may possibly ask or need to know about the restoration service is in one place. Whether it’s an insurance claim, knowing the details about their mold remediation, or simply getting the number of a roofing restoration contractor, having all this information in a single job file that can easily be reached by your insurance agent gives plenty of confidence in your customer service.

Some CRM software can even integrate with regularly used channels like social media for communication and services, allowing a salesperson to reach more potential customers with greater operational efficiency. As most restoration firms have relatively underutilized the capability of reaching clients via social media or other methods, this can be an excellent way to distinguish your company from your competitors in the insurance restoration industry.

It can help connect with skilled professionals

Finally, CRM software can also help manage the insurance restoration contractor assigned to that particular job file, as well as network with remodelers, builders, insurance claim companies, or your very own restoration company with ease. Restoration management software can be tweaked and refined until it meets the needs of your business, and it can accommodate communication with restoration professionals aside from customer relationship management.

This is crucial if the property owner has specific conditions for the restoration of their property. There will be some jobs that will require careful coordination between the property owner and the restoration service, and CRM software can work with other construction management software to ensure that your client is working with the best builders and remodelers available.

Not only does this keep the client happy, but it also expands your list of potential partners. An insurance restoration company should always have an accessible list of restoration professionals to call on for each specific job, and CRM software can be tweaked to accommodate those needs if required.

CRM software can help insurance restoration companies exceed expectations with the results they can bring to their clients, but it also helps them form steady partnerships with professionals and distinguish themselves from their competitors in their insurance industry. Whether you’re a small enterprise trying to get your first few job files off the ground or an established insurance restoration company looking to expand, CRM software will always be helpful to you.

Can I Build My Own CRM System?

For business owners who may want a more personal touch with their tools, you might be considering just skipping the middleman altogether and going with a CRM system of your own. While this approach functions, there are some major caveats that you need to remember:

  • The quality of your service may fluctuate across different orders
  • The amount of time and resources needed to set up your own system
  • Technical knowledge required to create the software and keep it running
  • Insurance required to make sure that your CRM software is always accessible
  • Options to consider when your CRM software goes down

These issues are all manageable with enough time and patience, but your insurance restoration company may not have the manpower or the resources required to both grow your business and work on these issues at the same time. Getting CRM software is a better alternative if you need a solution to your customer relationship management quickly – and it comes with a guarantee of quality and support from the software provider.

This is even more important when you consider that CRM software is designed to scale upwards: any business that wants to grow should always endeavor to keep its tools consistent. Jumping between different software, systems, and tracking tools can cripple a business’s operation, or make the quality of their services dip considerably. CRM software allows you to bypass this problem by being easily integrated with your existing operations, with the bonus of being tweaked to the specific demands of your business and your industry.

More than that, CRM software can also give your contractors the peace of mind that their partnership with you isn’t jeopardized by your customer service. This also goes for any claims or third parties that may be involved in the rebuilding and remediation process. 

Distinguish Your Customer Service From Your Competitors In The Insurance Industry

Commence CRM has a proud history of providing affordable and accessible CRM solutions to small-to-medium businesses like family-owned insurance restoration companies. Our tools give you the necessary data and analytics to better take hold of your business operations, understand your clients, and rapidly grow your company without sacrificing the quality of the results you can give. If you’re looking to improve your customer service for your existing and potential customers, then you’ll be in safe hands with our tools behind you.

For more information or a free trial of the product, contact Commence Sales at 1-877-266-6362.

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