By CommenceCRM

Top Rated CRM Software Company is in New Jersey

Larry Caretsky profile photo

Larry Caretsky, President

New Jersey is certainly not known as a technology hotbed, but one of the top rated manufacturers of CRM software is headquartered in the state. That’s right, Commence Corporation has been providing customized CRM solutions to small and mid-size companies for more than two decades. What makes Commence unique in this very crowded market? “It’s several factors” says Larry Caretsky, the company’s president. “First, the positioning of our product. There are a myriad of basic low-cost and freemium cookie-cutter CRM solutions in the market, but they are extremely limited in functionality and customizability and as a result do not address the diverse needs of small to mid-size businesses. The enterprise solutions that do have been proven to be expensive to manage and maintain, and by design are cumbersome to use. Commence CRM is targeted at those business that need more than the basic solutions can provide, but not the cost and complexity of the enterprise programs. We have maintained this positioning for more than two decades” continued Caretsky, “and it has served us well.”

Commence CRM can be deployed on premise or via the cloud. This has provided customers with the flexibility to implement the software on either platform. Commence CRM also offers an array of modules and functionality that rivals enterprise level products. In addition to the basic contact management, calendaring, lead and sales management offered by most CRM solutions, Commence CRM offers Marketing Campaign management, a Help Desk Ticketing application, a customer portal and a fully integrated Project Management system. This level of functionality is simply not found in competitive products at Commence’s price point. Contact Commence Sales, ask for a free trial and see for yourself why so many small to mid-size companies have selected Commence CRM.