Month: December 2020

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How CRM Helps Manufacturing Businesses Accelerate Their Marketing and Sales

By CommenceCRM / December 30, 2020

As a manufacturer, it can be tempting to ignore your need for customer relationship management software (CRM). After all, your focus is mostly on your supply chain, production, and distribution. However, leaving your customers as figures on a spreadsheet can close many marketing and sales opportunities to you. So how can CRM systems help manufacturers boost their sales and marketing?…

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Improve Your Sales Outcomes by Using CRM Predictive Analytics

By CommenceCRM / December 22, 2020

Organizations typically utilize multiple sales tech software to bring in more customers. However, having more of these tools doesn’t necessarily equate to more products sold. Sometimes, the only thing that your sales and marketing team needs is the right CRM system and its predictive analytics to secure more deals. So how can CRM predictive analytics boost the company’s sales outcome?…

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Supply chain diagram

How a Well-Managed CRM Becomes a Supply Chain Manager’s Key to Success

By CommenceCRM / December 13, 2020

From procurement to logistics to distribution, it seems as though supply chain management (SCM) is separated entirely from customer interactions. In reality, customer-driven demand is what propels supply chain operations forward. Supply chains and how they manage products can greatly benefit from customer relationship management (CRM) software. So how can CRM help supply chain managers resolve issues and achieve success…

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One tablet pc with a project manager app and documents with gantt and financial charts (3d render)

7 Essential Tools Every Project Manager Should Know About

By CommenceCRM / December 10, 2020

Project management is a lot like steering a ship – it’s crucial to know which direction to take and what tools are needed for a smooth sail. For every project, it’s important to have a few tools and software that can help you meet the deadline while delivering the best results. So what are the essential tools that a project…

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Hiding from communication is like a child covering his eyes

The lost art of saying “NO”

By Dave Kahle / December 9, 2020

  It seems like more and more business people have lost the ability to say no. See if this experience doesn’t sound familiar. I had met with an individual, talked with him personally, and invited him to a small group meeting. He came, interacted positively, and indicated he would commit to being a part of the ongoing meeting. Then, he…

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