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Should Your Company Use a Cloud-Based CRM App?

Cloud computing is gaining acceptance in business, and CRM is no exception. Firms now operate in a mobile world where sales, customer service, and production teams may not be in the same geographic location. Individual employees often work from home or on the road, and it is common for many professionals to have a 24/7 workweek. Fortunately, a wealth of cloud-based apps to manage customer relationships have come on the market, providing new benefits to these companies on the move.
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Cloud-based CRM for companies with employees on the move!

It’s a Tablet and Smartphone Generation

Sales and customer service teams are using more and more tablets such as iPads to instantly communicate customer information within a company. No longer do we have to wait for a customer visit to end in order to get the home office setting programs in action.

Today it’s all about giving customers immediate gratification. Right in a meeting, sales staff can log into CRM in the cloud from anywhere in the world to record information, get answers, and keep a sale moving forward. Most CRM apps work from a variety of mobile platforms, including smartphones, giving your company easy access to your system from on the road.

Sales work at the speed of the cloud is the new standard.

Efficiency Increases

Of course, up-to-the-minute information means that efficiency increases. No longer are companies working on incorrect or out-of-date data. Mistakes are less frequent when every member of the team has current information, and there is less cost associated with corrections. Customer service also makes a bigger impression when your CRM software keeps your staff on top of every customer’s needs.

Cloud CRM Apps Are Up and Running Immediately

By eliminating the need for new hardware, software, and the training or hiring of an IT specialist, you can have a complete CRM solution up and running immediately in the cloud. This can include sales, customer service, and marketing elements that are fully integrated to keep your company’s workers functioning at the highest level quickly.

Interfaces designed for cloud-based CRM apps tend to be very user friendly and easy to navigate. Although they tend to have fewer customization options than an enterprise-based onsite system, more and more vendors are providing rich CRM app experiences that want for little.

CRM in the cloud also gives your company a modern image!

Fast, Easy App Changes

Once you are up and running, CRM in the cloud has the added advantage of being easy to upgrade or change. There is no need to install new software that requires larger amounts of memory or new hardware that takes additional space and personnel to install and run. Many companies hobble along with old software, not wanting to disrupt operations, but working in the cloud eliminates that problem. Adding features such as social media or email marketing integration capabilities are also quick and seamless.

Cloud-based CRM is coming into its own for the wide variety of benefits it provides, and none is more compelling than the ability to keep fast-charging teams moving their companies forward in sales, revenue, and market share.

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