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Small Businesses CRM Software – Stop Looking for a Bargain!

Bargain - Save 1cSmall business owners are smart operators.  They traditionally have to do a lot with very little, wear multiple hats and position their companies to be competitive in a rapidly changing environment.  Software tools and applications like CRM software can help them to automate the internal processes that can make them a more effective sales and service organization.  Newer cloud based CRM software systems also alleviate the need for purchasing additional computer hardware or software and have become extremely affordable for small businesses. The rapid deployment, ease of use and affordability of these newer programs has stimulated a high degree of growth among the small to mid-size business community.  Despite this the failure rate among SME’s with regard to the implementation and use of CRM software is greater than 70%.

Much of this has to do with a complete lack of knowledge when it comes to selecting a CRM solution.  CRM is not an appliance that you simply plug in the wall and it magically improves sales execution and customer service.  And if you think you can buy CRM software by merely entering your credit card over the internet, you are not thinking clearly. Yet many small business executives see CRM software as a commodity item, causing them to simply select some Freeware or low cost program that delivers nothing but headaches.  These business owners initially think they got a bargain; only to find out later that the time, energy and cost they put into the free product was greater than the initial cost of selecting a quality company with a product that would address their business requirements.  The point here is simple.  There are no bargains when it comes to CRM software. Anything that seems to be too good to be true at just a few dollars a month (or even better Free) is going to cost you dearly in the end.

There are several high quality companies and products designed specifically for small to mid-size businesses that will deliver real value and provide you with expertise that will enable you to improve how you market, sell and provide service to your customers.  One of these companies is Commence Corporation, a company that has been providing customer management software solutions to small and mid-size businesses for more than two decades.  While not free, Commence has experienced sales and support personnel who have assisted hundreds of companies improve their internal business processes resulting in better lead management, accurate sales forecasting and improving customer service.  Commence customers have reported greater than a 25% increase in sales through the use of the program. Would you pay for a product or service that could deliver this kind of value to your company?  Sure you would, but this kind of value isn’t free.

To learn more about Commence CRM software visit Commence.com and view a series of educational videos that illustrate how you can become a more efficient sales and service organization with Commence CRM.

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